Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Shaheed Abdul Quader Mullah’s Final letter from jail to his wife

Translation Credit: S. Helal

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
Dearest life-partner Peyari,
Assalamu alikum wa rahmatullah.
After the full verdict has been published today, it is very likely that, tomorrow night or tomorrow after the order reaches the jail gate, I might be taken to the condemn cell. This is the rule. 
Probably this is the last moment of the government. Hence, at the last moment they might proceed to hurriedly commit this heinous act. I suspect that they will not accept the review petition. Even if they accept it, there is no possibility, from the worldly point of view, to change their verdict. It is a different matter if Almighty Allah himself intervenes against the conspiracy of implementing this verdict. But, according to the eternal law, Allah does not do like that (intervene) all the time. 

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The unbelievers killed unjustly even many of the prophets. Many honorable companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), even female companions, were murdered barbarically. In exchange of those martyrdoms, Allah has utilized those [sacrifices] in the way of making the truth and Islam victorious. There is no way to know what Allah might [ultimately] do in my case.
Yesterday, the foreign secretary of India not only encouraged the Awamileague, but also pressurized Hussain Muhammad Ershad. She even warned him about the possibility of Jamaat-Shibir coming into the power. This shows that the phobia and the hatred towards Jamaat-Shibir have spread within every blood-cells of India. I have been saying it from the beginning that, 

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Whatever actions are being taken against us, all of these have been designed by India. The Awamileague cannot back away from it even if it wants to. Because this time they [the Awamileague] came into the power only by surrendering to India. 
There are many people talking about principles and ethics. The way all of Jamaat including me were framed and the way almost all of the press in our country have assisted the government in its unjust actions, then what is the point of [talking about] principles and ethics by the government? While the judiciary/trial itself has taken the role of the hangman and has become intoxicated with a desire to kill innocent people, it is not right in any way to expect the natural fair trial and justice from them. I have only one regret- I am not able to explain it to the nation of the [unjust] way we, especially I, have been given the death penalty.

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It is not entirely possible as the whole media is hostile towards us. But the nation and the just people of the world will definitely know the [truth]; and my death will be a cause for the downfall of this oppressive regime; and the Islamic movement will advance a long way [because of this injustice], InshaAllah.
Yesterday I read again from verse 17 to verse 24 of Surah At Tawbah. In verse 19, it is mentioned that the fighting [jihad] in the cause of Allah with one’s life and wealth is far more superior in rewards than serving the house of Allah [Ka’ba] and giving drinks to the pilgrims. This means that, Allah himself mentioned about the far higher status near to Allah for those giving their lives in the cause of Allah [Jihad] in order to establish a just society of Islam, fighting against injustice, than those who die naturally. If Allah himself wants to place me in such a honorable position in Jannah/paradise then 

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I should be ready to embrace such a death. Because dying unjustly in the hands of the oppressors is a ‘confirm ticket’ to the Jannah/paradise. 
Probably in 1966, the tyrant ruler of Egypt, Colonel Nasser, put to death Saiyed Qutub, Dr Abdul Quader Awdah and many others. I have listened to many lectures titled such as ‘Trials/Tribulations in the way of Islamic Movement’. More than once after such lectures, Professor Gulam Azam used to say by touching my shoulders with his left hand that, the rope of gallows might fall onto this shoulder too! My hands also went near to the shoulders [thinking about it]. If this time Allah truly implements his decision as a mean to advance the Islamic movement and [raise in honor] myself further, and as a cause for the downfall of the oppressive regime, then what is the loss in that? While speaking about the high status for the martyrs, 

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the Holy Prophet [PBUH] expressed his desire to ‘come back to life repetitively in order to die as a martyr again and again’. Those who die as martyrs will also express their desire in the Jannah/paradise for coming back to life and die again as martyrs. The word of Allah is indeed the truth. The word of the Holy Prophet [PBUH] is indeed the truth. There is no Imaan/faith if one doubts in them.
If they [the government] do implement their decision [to hang me] then they may not allow for my funeral to take place in Dhaka. If possible then try to arrange for my funeral at my village mosque and my house. If the people living at the other side of the Padma [river] want to attend the funeral then they should come to the area near my house. They must be informed about that. 

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I have already told you about the grave; it should be at my mother’s feet. There must not be any expensive/wasteful function or any innovative practices like walling the grave. Give donations to orphanage as much as possible. Take care of those families suffering losses while involved in the Islamic movement, especially those martyred during protests against my arrest and verdict. Give priorities to those families when suffering any hardships. 
Arrange for the marriage of Hasan Moudud soon after finishing the studies. Same goes for Nazneen. 

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Peyari, O Peyari,
I have not been able to fulfill many rights of you and of the children. Please forgive me with the intention of getting rewards from Allah. I pray especially for you that, Allah arrange for your meeting with me again soon after you will have completed your duties towards the children and the religion of Allah. Now you pray so that, Allah takes away all love, [feelings] and attractions for this world from my mind, and instead fill my whole heart only with the love for Allah and His Prophet (PBUH). 
InshaAllah, see you again on the steps of Jannah/paradise.
Always advise the children for lawful earnings. All of you be careful about the Fard and Wajib duties, especially about the prayers. Give same counsel to the relatives as well. Give condolence/comfort to my father if he is still alive until then. 

Your beloved,
Abdul Quader Mollah

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