Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Azan and Prayers halted in Bangladesh district for fear of security forces crackdown

Nilphamari: After 5 people were killed and around 50 injured in a clash between Awami Leage coupled with Police against supporters of the 18 Party Alliance in Ramganj Bazar of the district, the unions of Tupamari and Lokkhichap have become deserted.

The police have filed a case in this connection against 14 named and 1500 unnamed suspects, and as a result widespread terror is prevailing among the residents of Tupamari and Lokkhichap unions.

On the other hand, terror is prevalent among supporters of Jamat and BNP residing in the old Ramganj Bazar, Tupamari and Lokkhichpa unions due to them having received threats of having their houses and businesses set on fire, vandalized and looted. In Ramganj Bazar, businessmen have evacuated all of their wares throughout yesterday. A state of fear is prevailing in the area.

The "Joint Forces" raided the area in the name of arrests in the Ramganj Bazar area. They arrested an old man named Hasan Ali Miya from Sukhdon area and arrested 2 other youths from Syedpur area. After this incident the residents are in a state of fear of being arrested, and have fled their houses in fear.

After this incident the mosques are no longer broadcasting the Azan, nor are prayers being held in them.

Even though the Azan is being given from the "Baitul Falah" Mosque whose Imam Kasem Ali is a member of the "Olama League", the Awami League units for "imams" and "scholars" of the party, there are no worshippers. Azan is absent from the Jama Mosque attached to the Dubachori Dakhil Madrasa. A source from the area confirmed that no prayers were being held either.

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