Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shame on you Daily Star !

OK, this is gross. Its not about mutilated corpses or charred out human remains or popped out eyeballs. Its much more than that. Its yellow journalism. Let us see what The Daily Star has cooked up today.

In a news post that establishes new lows to which the Daily Star will swoop to in order to dish out propaganda, it says in its new report labelled " Banglastan! " that,

“In this subcontinent, if we [Bangladesh] and Pakistan unite, we won’t have to care about Malaun [Hindu], atheist and Nasara [Christian],” says a Facebook post of Basher Kella posted on Sunday.
“We will name this Islamic country as Islamic Republic of Banglastan or join with Pakistan where only Muslims will live,” it adds.
The administration of Basher Kella, which is run by Jamaat-Shibir activists, also asks the followers of the page to hit the like button should they like the idea.
It was referring to a post which was posted on the facebook page named Baserkella, which has about 3500 likes. The post to which it refers is this,

The words which the Daily Star refers to seem to be in order. But wait! What is this ?
The Daily Star further adds. "Currently, as the page shows, over 100,000 users are following and visiting Basher Kella, which the Jamaat-Shibir describes as its alternative media to give directions to activists." Now look at this,

The first part of the picture shows the facebook page Basherkella (more than 100,000 likes), while second page in the inset shows the facebook page Baserkella (3557 likes)

If the Daily Star was talking about the first page (more than 100,000 likes), then why did it post from the 2nd page?

It is mentionable that Basherkella (the more popular one) has given an answer it a facebook post on the 5th of March last Tuesday, the picture of which is given below,

Translated into English, it says, "Our Basherkella was always one page and will always be one page. They are making fake pages and spreading confusion through such fake pages. Please do not be fooled by such pages. Please go to the search option, find such fake pages and report them. The likes of such fake pages wont exceed 3297. There are atleast 10/12 fake Basher Kella pages. Here is given a sample of their negative propaganda"

So what can we say to the Daily Star ? Is this the sample of "People's Right to Know" part they always try to market ? Should not a great news agency like the Daily Star have done more credible investigation before stooping to such lows?

Shame on you, Daily Star !

This is not yellow journalism. This is media terrorism.


  1. do you know what brother, they will enroll name of our country in the Guinness book as a birthplace of Yellow journalism around the world. Do you think, we can change them who knew everything but they don;t to act like a media should do. best of luck bro.

  2. Its their mission to make Bangladesh another prey to 'War against Terror'. Its using their power to doom Bangladesh's image in Int. premises.

  3. Makes us laugh when we see BNP leader Mosammat Khaleda sit in a chair surrounded by extreme Islamist Mollah's sit on the ground waiting inside the dias for speech……………
    Makes us cry to see AL leader Begum Hasina can't take strong stand against India for killing of Bangladeshi's, mutual river agreement, forced Pakistan for formal Apology during genocide................
    Any political Party in the name of Religion should be send to respective country of Origin(Religion) to approve their legitimacy of Politics................
    These neo Islamist Terrorist should be sent to join with Taliban to destroy Pakistan(Fuckistan). Bangladesh shouldn't be use as a safe haven for those religiously blind hooligans.
    We should immediately installed close circuit videos in all the madrashas to watch their politics of Jihadi(?) killings and sexual abuse of innocent young Madrasha student by perverted Molla's.

  4. Some journalist of Daily Star are not perfect for news sharing. They are fully biased. I think who will publish bangla news he will be a great personality.