Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dr. Foyez Ahmed, another innocent man murdered by the state

In an unprecedented instance of extrajudicial killing of eminent civilians by the state forces in Bangladesh, Laxmipur branch Jamaat-e-Islami Nayeb-e-Amir, well known physician and distinguished social personality Dr. Foyez Ahmed was brutally killed by members of the paramilitary force RAB at his own home late night last Friday the 13th of December.

Witnesses stated that on Friday night, a RAB convoy of a group of people dressed as RAB came to his house in the town of Laximpur near Temuhoni area. Deceased Dr Fayez’s wife Mrs Marzia Fayez said that at about 11 pm at night, RAB forces were seen to arrive at their house and quickly surrounded it. At 12 midnight, they smashed the gate of the building and entered the house and searched all the rooms. At one point they arrested Dr. Foyez and started beating him as they dragged him to the roof. There they shot him several times and then threw him from the rooftop down to the ground. In continuity of the barbaric incident, the RAB men picked him up into their vehicle as they left.

Later, Dr. Joynal Abedin, the medical officer on duty at the city hospital informed the media that at about 1:40 am late into the night some unidentified people left a dead body at the hospital morgue. The body showed signs of serious injuries and bullet wounds in the head and in the legs. The body was identified as that of Dr.Foyez Ahmed.

At the end of post mortem, Dr. Foyez’s body was handed over to his family and taken to the Lillah Jaame Masjid, situated at North Temuhoni. There, a funeral prayer was held for the martyr. Prominent members of the civil society have asked for justice and fiercely condemned the practice of extrajudicial killing in practice by the incumbent government to wipe out its political opponents.

A facebook post detailing an eyewitness account:

Except watching my father being murdered viciously in hiding, there was nothing I could do.\

A group of 30-35 people took part in the killing operation of Dr. Fayez. There were some RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) personnel, but mostly were professional killers. Among them were also members of Lakhipur’s wanted criminal Kashem Jihadi”s group. Their main target was Belal (the son of Dr. Fayez). Belal was also at home. After they broke the main gate, Dr. Fayez himself opened the inside door. He thought they came to arrest him. Belal was then. Standing on the 3rd floor window. For about two hours, they tortured Dr. Fayez for getting information. Later they took him in the roof, shot him on head, and then threw his body from the roof. His hand was tied up earlier. And Belal was hiding there, the whole time, even his father was shot and thrown in fron of his eyes!

Dr. Foyez Ahmed was from a truly noble and ideal family both in terms of profession and serving the Deen. He was 58 years old. A successful medical doctor and a widely respected figure in the district, Dr. Foyez had been dedicated his whole life to the Islamic movement. Proprietor of a successful and popular clinic and many other businesses, Dr. Foyez was involved with numerous professional activities and social welfare charities. As a person, he was widely popular for his friendly personality, hospitality, jovial manner and kindness. He leaves behind a widely respected family of well educated children. His wife is a senior leader of Jamat-e-Islami and is well known as one of the founding members of the Chatri Sangstha, the largest female student wing of the Islamic movement in Bangladesh. 

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