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The real face of Imran H Sarker: The grandson of a Razakar

Shahbagh leader blogger Imran H Sarker is the grandson of a collaborator (razakar). His grandfather Khoyer Uddin was a known collaborator (razakar) of Baliamari Bazarpara village of Rajibpur upazila of Kurigram district. Khoyer Uddin was killed by freedom fighters in 1971 with the help of the Indian BSF. Before the liberation war of 1971, he was actively involved in the politics of Pakistan Muslim League. After the start of the Liberation War of 1971, he took the side of the attacking Pakistani army and conspicuously aided them in their wartime operations.

More startling information was uncovered about blogger Dr. Imran on journalistic investigation at his village at Rajibpur upazila in Kurigram. Denizens inform that one day in 1971, sometime in the middle of the Liberation war, a group of freedom fighters were crossing the river Jinjira by boat on their way to battle. Close to them in another boat , Khoyer Uddin was crossing over to the Kalayerchor bazaar in Indian territory. Other passengers were also present on his boat. Not knowing that freedom fighters were riding the other boat, collaborator Khoyer was in the process of loudly criticizing and cursing Sheikh Mujib. In the midst of his tirade he also was also making negative remarks about the freedom fighters and the Liberation war. The freedom fighters gathered information on Khoyer and with the help of the Indian BSF, succeeded in luring him to the Mathonerchor and Bollomgiri marshes where they lowered him knee deep into the water, shot him and killed him. After the Liberation war, Dhaka resident relatives of Khoyer altered the status of his family to that of a martyr family and succeeded in allocating them a house in that quota. However, when real news of the nature and circumstances of his death got out, that allotment was cancelled.  

Abdul Hai Sarker, Rajibpur upazila Awami League president and local Mutijoddha(Freedom fighters) Sangshad Commander, while speaking about Khoyer Uddin, informed that Dr. Imran's grandfather Khoyer Uddin was never a freedom fighter. During the Liberation War he was an active supporter of the Muslim League. During the Liberation War, he was killed by freedom fighters with the help of the BSF. On Imran's father Matin Sarker, Abdul Hai said that after independence, Matin was known as a supporter of the CPB (Communist Party Bangladesh). At present he is an Awami League supporter and activist of the local Awami League. 

Residents and local freedom fighter sangshad sources have informed that Dr. Imran's father Abdul Matin Sarker was also a follower of Khoyer Uddin's footsteps and was initially a Muslim League supporter. After independence, he joined the CPB to save his skin and again took up an opportunity to join the Awami League later in 1991. Later he also became the vice president of the upazila Awami League. Presently he is a member of the upazila Awami League. 

The sources have also said that Peace Committee leader Khoyer Uddin was killed by freedom fighters with the help of the BSF on the orders of both the erstwhile local Chairman Salahuddin and the freedom fighter command on June 14, 1971. After independence, in 1972-74, Khoyer Uddin's wife, through her uncle, the erstwhile Gaibandha Police Daroga(Chief), was able to list the name of her husband Khoyer Uddin as a martyred freedom fighter in the weekly Mukti Barta. Exploiting their new found status as a Shahid (martyr) family, Khoyer Uddin's daughter Dr. Madhabi was able to secure a government house in her name. However, on being a fake freedom fighter, the local freedom fighter command council and Awami League leaders protested the move and in the revised list containing the real freedom fighters, Khoyer Uddin's name was dropped from the upazila Muktijoddha (Freedom Fighter's) Sangshad. It has been observed that at the meeting of the erstwhile Sangshad, the matter was even recorded as being discussed in a resolution. Local people have said that Ahmed Haji, brother of Khoyer Uddin, was also a collaborator and supporter of the Muslim League.   

Thus, it is a matter of surprise that the grand son of a razakar and son of an equally culpable father, blogger Dr. Imran H Sarker is being hailed as the commander of the so-called second war of liberation. Born in 1983 at the Baliamari Bazarpara village of Rajibpur upazila of Kurigram district and youngest of 4 siblings, he completed his SSC in 1999 and HSC in 2001. After completing his studies at the local level, he enrolled into the Rangpur Medical College in 2002 as a student of the 31st batch. There he started his political career as the joint convener of the Chatroleague college branch, then proceeded as the convener and then became the president of the Intern Association at the college. Classmates of his who do not want to be named say that during those days he was known to be an eve-teaser, troublemaker and drug addict. After passing in 2009, he came to Dhaka. Using his political background, he got a position in Ulipur of Kurigram on special consideration on an ad hoc basis, through the influence of the influential Awami League oriented doctors organization, the SHACHIP (Shadhinota Chikitshok Parishad). But it has been reported that he has seldom carried out his duties there. Next, he joined the anesthesia division of Dhaka Medical College and Hospital. There too, allegations have surfaced of Imran receiving his salary without carrying out his duties. Although he had enrolled at a diploma course at Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Medical University, he has not been able to finish the course. Allegations have also surfaced that Imran has carried out extortion in the name of SHACHIP leader Iqbal Arsalan and has become the owner of two micro buses.

Amar Desh journalists have tried to contact Imran on the all of the above information and allegations. However, he has neither received phone calls nor called back. However, Imran has refuted information given by BNP leader Shamsuzzaman Dudu on a talk show at a private TV channel that his grandfather was a collaborator (razakar).

Exclusive source: Amar Desh

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