Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Awami League prime force behind recent violence in Bangladesh: The media speaks

Recent turmoil in Bangladesh has been a work of the Awami League, the ruling party of Bangladesh. At one end it is killing civilians and executing opposition leaders, both judicially and extrajudicially, at the other end it is setting fire to buses, temples and institutions of minorities, homes of opposition and even their own people in order to create anarchy and justify the brutal crackdown by its own state forces. Awami League with its destructive policies is trying to push the country towards a civil war or the need for foreign mediation/ invasion to take place. It is trying to force the opposition to resort to violence by hitting them again and again and again. The media is censored, and the ones who are allowed to run are the ones who parrot the line of this government.

The media has been working by:
1. Not covering the deaths of the protesters
2. Only selective coverage of the victims of bus vandalism and attacks by miscreants, the blame of which is put on to the opposition, without any evidence whatsoever. 
3. Burn victims are shown maximum coverage, yet the claims of government hand behind such attacks is not questioned, for fear of government retribution and silencing.
4. Propaganda and publishing of false information is highly encouraged and is even given airtime by the government and ruling party officials.
5. And a myriad of other observations. Keep your eyes open and your hearts true.

Few people realize the reason behind the fact that arson and vandalism attackers are almost never caught. After seeing these examples, you will understand why. Tis the work of the Awami League, that is why.
Ruling party man held for torching Hindu residences:
(15th December)

One leader of Jubo League, the youth wing of ruling Awami League party, has been handed over to police by locals while he was escaping after setting fire on several Hindu residences at Debhata in Satkhira. Detained Jubo League leader Abdul Gaffar said, he torched the Hindu houses as per his local Awami League leader's order. He mentioned three more names of his assistants to police. 

Locals said, 15-20 miscreants with faces covered with masks torched the resident of Suneet Sarkar at about 11pm on Saturday at Parulia village in Debahata upazila, causing two of the houses to burn completely. Seeing this, local people started screaming and eventually the miscreant tried to run away. During this time inhabitants managed to nab a masked miscreant from the scene of the incident, who claimed to be a Juboleague leader. The people then tied him to a tree throughout the night. Abdul Gaffar, the Juboleague leader, is son of Elbahar Gazi of the same area. He was subsequently arrested on Sunday at 9 am by police.

Debhata police confirmed the incident and said that local people had detained Abdul Gaffar and handed over him to police. After due measures, the miscreant was tried in a mobile court where he was sentenced to 1 year imprisonment. Asaduzzaman Mukul, Jamaat Ameer of Debhata upazila condemned the incident and said, Awami League in reality wanted to pin the blame on Jamaat after they themselves set fire to the Hindu residents.

Three ruling party men arrested for attack on judges home:
(15th December, 2013)

Three leaders and activists of Bangladesh Chattra League (BCL), the student wing of the ruling party Awami League, were arrested with three petrol bombs while they were about to attack on the house of Justice Jahangir Hossain, judge of International Crimes Tribunal (ICT-1), at Kabilpur village in Senbagh upazila of Noakhali district.

Senbagh police led by SI Shahjahan arrested the three BCL men on Saturday at around 11pm night. The detained are - Ward No-5 Mahidipur unit BCL president Jahid Hossain Babu (22), son of Abdul Motaleb, Rasel Babu (20), son of Dulal Hossain and Omar Faruk (19), son of Shariat Ullah of Azimpur village.
 On last Thursday (12 December) night, Justice Jahangir Hossain's house came under attack despite police presence. Senbagh police Officer-in-Charge (OC) said, when SI Shahjahan went to the village of the Justice, locals caught them and handed them over to the police.

The detained were shown arrested in petrol bomb attacks on judge's home.

6 Awami League members burnt by their own petrol bomb:
(10th December, 2013)

Six Awami League cadres were burnt when they tried to throw petrol bomb to a shop owned by a Jamaat leader. The incident took place at Hapania village of Alamdanga upazilla in Chuadanga district at 8:30pm on Monday.

The injured are identified as Khokon, son of Ismail Mandal, Atiullah, son of Golam Mostofa, Intabul Hoque, son of Mohammad Ali, Minarul, son of Khoaj Ali, Hasibul son of Iajuddin Mandal and Abdul Gafur, son of Idu Mandal.

According to locals some miscreants attacked the shop of Beltu Mandal, a local Jamaat leader, at around 8:30pm. At that time 10/12 people were sitting at the shop taking tea. Miscreants threw petrol bomb targeting them. During that time they got burnt themselves.The injured were admitted to Chuadanga Sadr Hospital.

Alamdanga police officer-in-charge Rafiqul Islam said it is true that a Jamaat leader's shop were torched. But he denied of anyone being injured. The incident created tremendous sensation in the area.

Juboleague cadre held at attempt to vandalize military convoy from Shibir procession
(December 2, 2013)

Juboleague cadre Jahangir was held for attempting to vandalize a Military convoy at Feni. Police have held Jahangir (30), member of the Juboleague, the youth wing of the Awami League, who threw bricks at an Army convoy, from Feni on the 2nd of December. According to news reports, League cadre Jahangir stealthily joined a blockade procession of Bangladesh Islami Chatro Shibir and threw bricks at the convoy with a view to make implicate Shibir. However, when he cast bricks at the Army convoy, he was caught by the blockade supporters in that procession. Subsequently, he was handed over to police. It is to be noted that Jahangir is an active worker of Juboleague’s Pachgachiya union branch in Feni.


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