Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shahbag makes a kid hang himself

The news is shocking to anyone with a heart. At Companygonj in Noakhali, an adolescent of 13 years of age, Abdur Rahman Shakil, hanged himself to death. The sudden death occurred when Shakil used a mock hanging platform to enact a mock hanging hanging. Denizen of Lobon Bepari Bari of 3 no. ward of Boshurhaat upazila, Shakil is an orphan and student of the fourth grade at the local government primary school. This news was gleaned from the Daily Manab Zamin and the Daily Sangram.
The dead Shakil Courtesy: Daily sangram

This event occurred on Sunday at 8 pm on a mock hanging podium created to symbolize the demand to hang Jamaat leader Abdul Kader Mollah, who has been given a life imprisonment verdict by the ICT. Supporters of the Jamaat leader say that is is unjust and that he si innocent, while his opponents say that it is too little. They have demanded the death penalty, and a movement has continued as a result from 5th February at Shahbagh. It has spread all over Bangladesh where mock hanging podiums have been set up to symbolize the demand.

Shakil was found to be dead before he could be rescued from the podium. Family members and locals have questioned as to the wisdom in allowing a kid to enact such an incident and as to why people present did not prevent him from carrying out such a despicable act. It has been learned that Shakil's body has been buried without any autopsy and a case was filed at the police station of death by accident. Companygonj police official Sudhi ranjan has confirmed the above and added that he did not have knowledge as to why such an event could occur.

My simple question. Who will take the responsibility for this untimely death of a minor? Will Shahbag ever take responsibility that it may have caused such a sad incident?

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