Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thus spake the High Priest Imran H Sarker

From the lofty utopian perch of a Shahbaghized Mirpur 10, its High priest Imran H Sarker spake thus,

1. "Mahmudur Rahman is the atheist. He is the one spreading atheism and communalism through his newspaper"
(Criticising the government for not arresting Mahmudur Rahman yet, the Shahbagh activists addressing the gathering announced a decision to demonstrate outside the home ministry around 4:00pm 26th of February. A memorandum would be submitted to the ministry demanding the government immediately detain Mahmudur, acting editor of daily Amar Desh. Earlier, two ultimatums were issued to the government for his arrest. Imran urged the government not to hesitate to arrest Mahmudur Rahman and warned, “If you make compromises, the people will not accept it." He, flanked by bloggers who are alleged to have posted blogs and posts on social media that defamed Islam, firmly rejected Mahmudur Rahman's allegation that the Shahbagh movement is run by atheists)

2. "The terrorists, who had vandalised Shaheed Minar and desecrated the national flag across the country, torched Ekushey Boi Mela yesterday.” 
(.......pointing fingers at Islamist parties, specially pointing to the largest Islamic political opposition party Jamaat-e-Islami, who are accused of vandalizing national monuments and desecrating national flags on demonstrations last Friday the 22nd of February. The claims are still under investigation by police and thousands have been accused in cases filed by police since Friday)
I would like to address the above 'claims',

A) The answer to the first 'claim' is a no-brainer, and Mahmudur Rahman may have answered it himself. Taken from the facebook page Progress Bangladesh,here is a translated statement from Mahmudur Rahman, Editor of daily Amar Desh,

"Dear readers,
I put forward to you a courteous question “What is my crime?” All my life in all aspects, I have tried to fulfill my responsibilities with honesty. I did not aspire to be a robbing capitalist as I had no desire for wealth. I have worked as a civil servant for five long years, serving the interests of the government and the people. Entering media in the final years of my life, I have taken an active voice against the Coalition Government’s anti-public policies, tyranny, corruption, human rights abuse and the politicization of the justice system. As a deeply faithful person, I could not bear the terrible insults to our Prophet (s) and Islam- the religion of peace and equality. I tried to portray the true face of these anti Islamic, atheistic and blasphemous characters to the nation. I protested in January 2011 when the undemocratic, India-loyal government took power. My actions have always served the nation and its people. Nonetheless, the government-in-power has subjected me to intolerable persecution over the past four years. I have held onto my religious conviction and refused to compromise with the ruling class of the foreign agents. The patriotic people especially the loyal readers of ‘Amar Desh’ have showerd me with their boundless adoration. I do not have the capability to repay their love. With trust in Allah and the love of my country folk, I will fight for the truth InshAllah until the last drop of blood is left in my body. If I die in this fight against the internal and foreign opportunistic powers, please pray for my magfirat (forgiveness) from Allah. This is my only appeal to you. Allahu Akbar!"
-Mahmudur Rahman

If that is so, why does the government not address an important issue such as blasphemy with a neutral mindset? Why has it not formed a probe committee to investigate such incidents and claims? Why has it sided with the Shahbagh supporters with the one sided stance that an apparently atheist blogger was framed with fake posts defaming a religion? I hope I am not insane in demanding an official probe.

B) The second claim is easier to address. Where did Dr. Imran H Sarker get information of such a ridiculous claim that Jamaat-Shibir was involved with the fire at Ekushey book fair? 

Quoting the Daily Star,"Three bodies have been formed to investigate a fire that destroyed around 40 bookstalls of 25 publications at the Ekushey book fair early Monday. One of the committees has been tasked with finding the reason behind the fire, which originated at 1:10am. Another committee will assess the loss of from the fire while the other one ascertain the process to pay compensation to the publishers of the damaged bookstalls. The probe bodies were formed at a meeting of Bangla Academy authorities and the publishers with the cultural affairs minister, Abul Kalam Azad, at the Academy premises in the afternoon." It has further added that, "Monir Hossain, assistant director of Fire Service and Civil Defence, said they had yet to determine the cause of the fire."

I ask again, where did Dr. Imran H Sarker get information of such a ridiculous claim that Jamaat-Shibir was involved with the fire at Ekushey book fair? 

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