Thursday, February 7, 2013

Analysis: The four martyrs of Chittagong

Namaaj-e-janaza in absentia for 4 Islamic activists martyred in Chittagong

Yesterday on the 6th of February, Janaza (funeral) in absentia for four jamaat shibir activists took place at the Parade Maidan in Chittagong . The activists were martyred at the port city of Chittagong while observing the general strike called by Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami throughout the country.From Goni Bakery to Ali Khan Point and throughout the Parade Maidan, there was a heavy security presence of BGB, RAB, Riot police and plain clothes. Ignoring their presence, thousands upon thousands of mourners thronged the grounds of the Parade Maidan. They waited patiently for the coffins of the deceased Shibir activists Imran Khan and Abid and those of Jamaat-e-Islami Mohammad Afzal and Shafiqul Islam to be brought to the grounds. However, by 4 pm the administration had not obliged and janaza in absentia was carried out for the martyrs.

A view from the top of the Namaaj-e-janaza in absentia

The four martyrs of Chittagong,

Shibir associate Imran Khan

On the 5th of February, Shibir associate Imran Khan was martyred at Chittagong at a procession that had started at around 1 o'clock at Alankar End turn area under Pahartoli Thana, when police, according to the Naya Diganta report started shooting with live ammo to disperse the protesters. A stray bullet hit Imran Khan, Shibir leader of 37 no. ward and Chittagong Polytechnic College Mechanical Division student. Son of Babul Khan, the deceased hailed from the Tenai village at Faridpur from the district of Pabna. He was the 144th martyr of the organization, which turned 36 years old on the 6th of February 2013.
On the same day, witnesses stated that Jamaat-Shibir activists took out a pro-hartal procession Dewanhaat in the city protesting the shooting and killing of Imran by police earlier in the day. Police suddenly attacked and dispersed it, sending the activists seeking cover at different points the area. Then a group of armed Chatro League cadres along with police started searching for the hiding activists. In the evening, at around 7 pm, they attacked Jamaat activist Mohammad Afzal (24) at Agrabad near Saint Martin Hotel, hacking him indiscrinately and killing him through shots to the head. A senior police official, Pankaj Barua, while talking to reporters, quoted doctors who pronounced Afzal dead while in admittance at the Chittagong Medical College Hospital. 
Mohammad Afzal

Shibir activist and associate Abid was filmed by TV cameras as being attacked by police at Agrabad in the aftermath of the procession. When he was later taken to the Chittagong Medical College hospital, he was unrecognizable. He was eye less. His attackers had brutally gouged out his eyes and shot him twice in the chest. Abid was a grade ten student at the Government City College. He had become the 145th martyr of Bangladesh Islami Chatro Shibir   

Shibir associate Abid

Another Jamaat activist, Shafiqul Islam (25) was martyred at Dewanhaat point of Doublemooring thana in clashes between Jamaat-Shibir activists and police. He was a worker at Young Wan factory at CEPZ. Doctors pronounced him dead at 9 pm while in admittance at the Chittagong Medical College Hospital. 

Is it too late to demand justice and ask for those involved to be punished? Or will these heinous murders be dismissed as isolated unfortunate cases?  

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