Friday, February 8, 2013

The illusion called Shahbagh

The narrative of romance surrounds the rhetoric, a smell of revolution wraps the message, and a torrent of self righteousness fills the soul. One gets so engrossed in the sweetness of the moment that all judgment and reason is thrown out of the window. Shahbagh has proven to be a dramatic call to change. Please welcome the Shahbagh moment as it prepares to engulf your being with the promise of change, delusional as it may be.

The psychological impact of such a moment is that of ecstasy, the feeling that you have been a factor in bringing about change. Little do you notice that the stage is filled with a stratum of society that you’ve abhorred for so long. Communists rub their hands with glee as they see you as their ticket for gaining a wider following. Chatro League activists and leaders secretly smile at the innocent strength of your thoughts and feelings. That façade of change has gripped your soul and senses. You have rebelled against the system. You have called to hang that monstrosity who singlehandedly killed 30 million and raped thousands. You have contributed to the dream of a golden Bangla.

Minds behind the shady masks whirl with glee at your fading memories of a boy brutally hacked to death. Others rejoice at your ignorance of the fact that they have gotten anticipatory bail for the 192 million they embezzled through Sonali Bank. A grinning moon faced man now knows that Padma bridge won’t be his last scoop. Sheikh Hasina knows that her work is done and her golden boys are safe until the next time. 

The call to change is dramatic. The call to change is revolutionary. But ultimately, most of it is pretty illusionary. But you don't care, because after all it made your day.

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