Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The curious case of the flipping poll: Banglanews24 pulls a stinking stunt

It was a media stunt. Banglanews24 had been hosting an online poll which asked users the question,

"Do you support the movement that is taking place in Shahbagh (Dhaka,Bangladesh) in favour of re-sentencing Abdul Quader Mollah?"

As the screenshot shows, at 5:08 pm BDT today, the results were showing 3835 "YES" votes, while there was a whooping 14688 "NO" votes.

Strangely, at 5:20 pm BDT, everything changed, It showed that 15492 "YES" were cast against 333 "NO" votes!!!!

 The polling was then shown closed.

Is this the media narrative that such yellow faced media want us to tune into? I certainly smell a sleazy conspiracy, and it smells STRONG................

P.S. This picture was taken from the Facebook page Basherkella. All credits go to the admins of that page.

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