Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Language movement campaigner Golam Azam

                          Language movement campaigner Golam Azam

• On 11th March, 1948, he was arrested while picketing for Language movement with a group of students and he experienced intolerable suffering for seven days in a house in Tejgaon without any roof.
• On 27th November, 1948, Golam Azam presented the historical “welcome note” consisting of demands of national language (Bengali) and East Pakistan as a representative of Dhaka University Student Union to the visiting Pakistani Prime Minister Liyakot Ali Khan. It is worth noting that from 1947 to 1949 he was the GS (General Secretary) of Dhaka University Student Union.
• On 6th March, 1952, he was arrested for leading the language movement and was jailed for a month in Rongpur prison.
• He was arrested on 6th of February 1955 so as not to allow him to celebrate the  21st of February (Language day). He was released after two months by the High Court’s order.
• In 1955, he was relieved from his duties (as a college teacher) while he was in jail. The governing body informed him in a letter that he was no longer required because of his frequent arrests, which was causing disruption in the students’ studies.

The man who lost his job to make Bangla a national language, who was arrested frequently for that cause, who had to spend the spring of his first year of married life in dark prison cells- We salute him from the bottom of our heart in the first morning of the 21st (February).

Source: A savebangladesh family facebook post

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