Friday, February 15, 2013

Press briefing of Islami Chhatro shibir regarding death of Agrani Bank official

Strong condemnation and protest to the ill effort to shift guilt of a bank employee’s death on Chhatrashibir

Jafar Munsi died due to police-y attacks

Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir strongly slated and protested against the ill effort made some electronic as well as online media including the online portal of the Daily Prothom Alo to shift the guilt of the death of Jafar Munsi, a liftman of Agrani Bank Principal Branch.

In a joint protest statement, the Central President of Chhatrashibir Md. Delwar Hussen and the Secretary-General thereof Md. Abdul Jabbar said, “Agrani Bank employee Jafar Munsi was hurt yesterday due to the fire and oppression of the cops and finally died today as a result of his severe bodily injury. The government must accept full responsibility for this death. We deeply mourn death of Jafar Munsi and pray unto Allah for his eternal peace and salvation.”

The leaders said, “Jafar Munsi has fallen victim to the indiscriminate police-y baton charge. Deviated by mean political attitude, some are blindly blaming Chhatrashibir though the police played the role of attackers. Shibir leaders and activists launched processions even today bare-handed and they have no weapons in their hands.”

The leaders urged the concerned media and media men to refrain from publishing such false and confusing reports in future.
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