Friday, February 15, 2013

Combined attack of police and ruling party activists on protesters at Shewrapara,Dhaka on 15.02.2013

Country wide demonstrations were held today under the banner of the Olama Mashayekh Porishod, where protesters demanded release of detained Jamaat leaders facing trials under the internationally controversial ICT. At Shewrapara in Dhaka, a group of protesters gathered after Jummah prayers to demonstrate under the umbrella of the Porishod. Among them were Jamaat Shibir members of who wished to demonstrate. But sadly, they were obstructed, by none other than their fellow musallis, supporters of the present regime in Bangladesh. These supporters thought little of beating fellow praying activists and opposition activists with iron rods.
Shewrapara falls under the jurisdiction of Awami lawmaker Kamal Ahmed Majumder, who became famous last year for assaulting a female reporter who quizzed him on allegations of bribery at Monipur High School. He is known and feared for being aggressive towards containing the opposition. He is also the owner of the private television channel Mohona TV.

Some pictures of members who were assaulted and handed over to police after beating after they had gathered to protest are as follows,

The most heart breaking picture coming out of this saga is that of an old man who was beaten mercilessly by ruling party thugs. That was followed by indiscriminate beating by police. He was subsequently arrested. All he had done was to raise his voice against injustice.
  Is this the face of the marauding Jamaat Shibir activist that the Daily Star and bdnew24 have been projecting for the past few days?

To all of you out there, ALLAH IS WATCHING...........

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  1. this is stunning.. so, musallis turned on other musallis? now we have a awami league wing of jamaat shibir? quick question: any distinguishing marks to tell these regime supporting musallis apart from the rest?