Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Chatra League hack off foot of Shibir activist, shoot him in barbaric attack at Rajshahi (Graphic)

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In a shocking incident, armed terrorists of Chatra league, student organization of the ruling party Awami League carried out a barbaric attack on Rasel Ahmed, fourth year student of Finance and Marketing department of Rajshahi University and secretary of Nawab Abdul Latif Hall unit of Rajshahi University Chatra Shibir, chopping off his right foot and shooting him three times in both sides of his chest in FRONT OF THE MEDIA, POLICE, TEACHERS AND STUDENTS!!!

How the attack occurred:

At 1 p.m. on Monday, the 16th of June, the fourth year final examinations of the Arabic department at Rajshahi University were being held on the premises of the Shahidullah Arts Building, when Chatra League cadres, along with the police, locked the east and west gates of the department and took position in front of the building in order to take hostage Chatra Shibir activists and leaders. During the time, the BCL cadres led by RU General Secretary and well known terrorist Touhid Al Tuhin, were seen moving around in front of police, openly displaying firearms. At about 3:30 pm, as the exam was ongoing, police and Chatra League took hostage the Chatra Shibir RU Human Resources Development affairs secretary, Ziauddin Bablu.
Ziauddin Bablu, RU Shibir HRD secretary held by police and Chatraleague
Earlier, at about 12:45 pm, Chatra League cadres took Rasel Ahmed as hostage from in front of the Shahiudullah Arts Building.  After holding him hostage for more than three hours, the cadres, armed with machetes and firearms, began hacking Rasel mercilessly in front of the media, police, teachers and general students. The attackers then proceeded to completely hack off his right foot. Then they fired three shots at his chest in quick succession and after leaving him critically injured, quickly fled the scene.  

Recovering him from the scene, the police dragged the profusely bleeding Rasel out on all fours, and sent him to Rajshahi Medical College for immediate life saving treatment. He was later admitted to ward number 31 after receiving immediate care at the Intensive Care Unit. Hospital Police Box in-charge SI Pradip Kumar informed that Rasel’s health was in critical condition.

Those involved with the barbaric incident :

Witnesses said that Rasel was taken hostage by a group of Chatra League cadres led by BCL RU Joint Secretary Golam Kibria, BCL RU Vice President Tonmoy Ananda Ovi, Organizational affairs secretary Faisal Ahmed Ronu, Don, Rinet, Shushmoy and Kauser Ahmed Koushik from in front of Shahidullah Arts building, where he was taken inside and subject to the horrible attack. Witnesses further testified that ronu and Kibria had played the leading role in the attack.

Media reaction:

The reaction by major media such as Daily Star, Dhaka Tribune was largely lukewarm and written in a manner that attempted to discredit the real version of events. They tried to attribute the incident to mere student politics, and repeatedly identified attackers as unknown miscreants, despite overwhelming witness testimony to prove otherwise. 

Shibir have called for a half day shutdown from 6 am to 2 pm on Tuesday at Rajshahi, Chapai Nawabganj and Natore protesting this barbaric attempt to murder a student, demanding justice for Rasel. We demand an independent investigation and justice against the perpetrators of this barbaric incident and the animals in uniform (the police) who stood watching while this heinous crime was being committed.

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