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Chatro League is wide scale perpetrator of eveteasing, pornography and cyber crime : Case Studies

Manabzamin, 22nd December 2013

3 Female students of DU victim of Chhatra League’s eve teasing

3 female students from the faculty of Fine Arts in DU (Dhaka University) were reported to be victims of eve teasing by the Chhatra League (the student wing of the ruling party Awami League). Another student along with the three female students was injured after being subject to beating after protesting against the teasing incident. The three injured girls have submitted written complaints to the university’s proctor. Proctor Dr. Amjad Ali has acknowledged the occurrence of the incident. General students have expressed their angry reaction over this incident. They’ve also threatened to announce harsh protests including human chains if a fair trial regarding this incident isn’t done. It was known that last Friday, during the evening the three students along with a senior male student were passing the Jahurul Haque hall while heading to Nilkhet. Chhatra League worker Anik was sitting at the gate of Jahurul Haque hall with his friends at that moment. They started uttering abusive words indicating the female students. At one point, the senior male student stood up and protested against the excesses by the teasers. Anik and his accomplices reacted furiously and assaulted him. When general students present at the scene tried to butt in and stop them, Anik called in 20-25 more Chhatra League men from the hall. Then they ganged up together and assaulted the three female students and their male companion. The Chhatra League miscreants used their pens to attack and hurt the victims. Their attacks rendered them seriously injured in the eyes, hands and feet, a result of the unwarranted shoving, punching & kicking by the attackers. They were left with bruises in their hands and their backs due to the attacks with ballpoint pens.

Even days into this despicable incident, no attempt at punishing the perpetrators was observed from the side of university administration. The wounded students had given verbal complaints to the proctor earlier and on the 21st of December they submitted written complaints. When the injured students said that they wanted to submit a General Diary in the police station the proctor forbade them to do so, assuring them of a fair judgment by the university administration. In his response to this incident, university proctor Dr. A M Amjad said that the investigation of this incident was underway and that those found guilty would be punished for sure. It is mentionable that, even besides this incident, there is also complaint regarding a previous incident that Anik and his friends tried to dishonor girls amid a concert in the Sohrawardi Uddan arranged a few days ago on the occasion of the 16th December, the Victory Day.

24th Decemeber 2013; AmaderShomoy report

Chatraleague’s Sex and pornographic cyber crime (Translator’s note: Chatra League is the student wing of Awami League, the current ruling party of Bangladesh)

Desk report: What kind of brutality is this? Taking videos of rape scenes! A case happened in Faridpdur where a 14 years old girl was raped under fear of a weapon and the rape scene was then published in the market. In another case, two rapists raped a student of class 5 near a pond and took a video on their mobile.

At Shokhipur, Tangail, the Joint Convener of Chhatra league with his team raped a young girl in medieval barbaric fashion. Shockingly, after the sick act, they expressed their glee after taking that video. The victim filed a case against the convicts but the Police were unable to arrest them. On Saturday morning, the victim and her family were forced to leave the area for self protection. Shokhipur upazila Chhatra league joint convener Habibullah Itihash aka Habib, upazila Chatra League leader leader Arif Ahmed, Babul Azad, nephew of Sub-division Chairman Shaokat Shikdar and his grandson Ariful Islam kidnapped the girl forcefully. They then brought her to Hazipara in Shukhipur  on motorcycle to a hostel owned by one Alomgir Hossain. Later the joint convener of Chhatra League Habib raped the girl while his accomplices recorded the scene.

Ahsan Kabir Mamun, cadre of the Chhatra League, recorded a video while raping a schoolgirl in Pirojpur:
As the district Chhatra League Information and Research secretary Ahsan Kabir Mamun raped a schoolgirl, his accomplices recorded it and the animals then spread it out the market. 

Last July in a village located at a rural area of Faridpur, a student of class 6 was raped and the video was published through Internet, mobile and VCD.

A young girl of Faridpur went at Chorvodrashon, for a visit to her Grandmother’s house. There she was abducted and taken to a jute field and raped by 4 rapists including Tushar, Kalam. The animals recorded the disgusting scenes via mobile phone camera.

In Jessore, over 100 VCD of a girl’s rape scene are now in the market. Victim’s family member and the villagers informed that the girl, who was a student of Jangal Bandha primary school, was imprisoned in Monira’s house (a resident of the village) in the same village and raped by a man named Shukur. It occurred last 14th April in the morning. The accused threatened everyone to keep their mouth shut or they would kill them.

At Baysha village of Keshobpur upazila in Jessore, a video of an adolescent being raped was recorded by mobile phone. The victim’s father later filed a case under Female and child abuse prevention law. Last 27th September afternoon, a girl from the local madrassah of class six was raped by Masud and Izazul beside a pond in the same village. That was recorded too by the mobile phone and released in the market.  

A group of criminal lured a college girl by promises of love, and after raping her, published videos in the market. The matter was only disclosed 1.5 months later. A case has been filed against three people including the rapist.

The college girl got acquainted with Parvez Sikder, son of Akam Sikder of Fulhuri village of the same upazila via a private coaching centre. She went going to Konnadoho village of the Jhenaidah to her aunt’s house on the 19th of September of this year. As she was returning back to her home 3 days later on the 22nd of September, she met with Modhu, friend of Parvez at Bhatoi Bazar. He promised to give her a ride home on his bike. He however, took her to Parvez Sikder’s house where another friend Rasel was also present. There she was raped, the scene filmed and then later spread in the market.    

Female leader (of Chatra League) of Barishal B.M. College recorded a video of her roommate in a naked state on her mobile and then demanded 30000 tk as blackmail. The victim could not save herself even after paying by 3000 tk. The female leader demanded more money and then shared the video with boys via mobile.

Local Chhatraleague leaders of Potuakhali and another one at Barisal raped students and then circulated the videos in the market. 
The crimes committed by these perpetrators fall under three laws. Cyber Law 2006, Women and children abuse prevention law 2000 and penal code. What has been done by Police, RAB and law enforcement to prevent cyber crime? That’s why the Chhatraleague workers are continuing to perpetrate such crimes and then spreading them in the market. They are not treating it as a severe crime. But according to Information and technology law 2006, act 54 and 55, punishment of cyber crime is 10 years imprisonment or 1 million taka penalty or both. There is no chance to ignore this crime because if we ignore it today, there would spring blue film factories in the housing estates and the videos would be circulated everywhere.  The fabric of society, already weak, would be destroyed.

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