Saturday, November 16, 2013

Poet Motiur Rahman Mollick named in vandalism case 3 years after his death!!!

Well known poet, songwriter and cultural personality Motiur Rahman Mollick passed away almost three years ago. Shockingly however, it was discovered that he was among those named in a hartal related case at Mohammadpur thana, something which has led to a storm of public criticism against police for this inexplicable ineptitude.
Mohammadpur thana police filed a case on the 6th of November in connection with vandalism of public property and cocktail blasts from an anti-hartal procession at the main road in front of Mohammadia Housing Limited. The case number registered at Mohammadpur thana police station in this regard is 5825(5)/04.
A total of 15 people were found to be accused in connection with the case registered by the police. The 13th name on the list of the accused was found to be that of the poet Motiur Rahman Mollick, despite the fact that he passed away more than 3 years ago back in August 2010.
Many questioned the reason as to how the name of a person who had died 3 years earlier could materialize on such a case sheet. In the light of such an incident, many have begun doubting the methodology, accuracy and above all, the motives of police while filing cases in the light of hartal, raising allegations of political harassment of the opposition as being the true reason behind filing such cases.
When S.I. Bashar, an on-duty police official at Mohammadpur thana was asked about the above case, he replied that this could have occurred due to someone giving false information to the police regarding the incident. Since the information was inherently wrong, he mused that once the defence lawyers would stand up to challenge it at court, the case would become very weak. When asked on how such a discrepancy could happen, the police official replied that he was not aware of the details of how the irregularity had come about in the first place.
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