Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jamaat leader subject to disappearance by police state in Bangladesh

Mesbah Uddin Ahmad Nayeem (33), a council member of Jamaat-e-Islami’s Turag thana and managing director of Matrichaya Housing Limited, has was reportedly abducted by men claiming to be police from the Detective Branch. He is still missing.
Mesbah Uddin’s family was carried off from his house located at sector no.13 of Uttara in the capital Dhaka on Sunday at around 2 am late at night.
His family and relatives informed the press that despite the fact that he was taken away by DB branch men, they didn’t recieve any information on his whereabouts even after inquiring into the disappearance at both the local Police station and DB office.
Deeply worried over the abduction, Mesbah Uddin’s family informed that they believed that the abduction of Mesbah Uddin, a popular local youth leader, was part of the ongoing countrywide government drive to suppress and eliminate the opposition at all levels.
In light of any available information about his abductors and his whereabouts, the family members of the abducted leader have requested the administration to find and rescue him.
It was further known that the same DB men, who abducted Nayeem, went to the house of his business partner Mojammel Haque and took him away too. He has also been missing since.

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