Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shaykh Bdnews and the fatwa boogeyman

"Now Fatwa Against photography!" :

What is so catchy about the following post? In one word, its made to sound moronic. There is nothing to be 'amazed' about a fatwa banning photography (although exceptions are labelled in the same article). BDnews can in no way prove that such a 'fatwa' is wrong. What BDnews has done is draw up far fetched conclusions that are made to sound as if they have credible weight, when in fact all they sound is like rubbish:

1. The headline outlines a negative aura emanated by the article labeled "Now Fatwa Against photography! "

2. The article creates doubt by providing multiple 'pretentiously' labeled Islamic stands against/for photography, throwing Deobandi, Wahhabi and Shia facets into the mix.

3. Then it leaves behind all logic as it abruptly changes the scenario to focus on Bangladesh, announcing for fact that "On Jan 1, 2001 the High Court in Bangladesh declared fatwa illegal."

3. Finally, it turns the practice of fatwa into a crime altogether, as it relegates the fatwa to being a mere "tool of extra legal punishment" when in real terms, a fatwa is simply a ruling on a point of an Islamic law given by learned religious authority.

Effectively, all fatwa givers have been labelled as boogeymen.

And you fell for it.


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