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Nannu Leaks: This ain't just any #ICTScandal (with full video evidence) !!!

Various channels to date have broadcast the interview of Mr. Nannu, a prosecution witness in the case against Ameer-e-Jamaat Mawlana Motiur Rahman Nizami, where a worried Nannu (clearly under pressure from the present government led by Sheikh Hasina) came in front of the media to claim that he is not the same Nannu who was filmed in the secret video exposing the farcical nature of the War crimes trials.

The secret video in question has come to the limelight after the British Daily Telegraph published news of another scandal of immense proportions regarding the mechanisms of the International Crimes Tribunal in Bangladesh, when it said, “ Mr Cadman cited a secretly filmed meeting between a defence figure and a key witness in the war crimes trial of another Jamaat leader in which the witness said he was being forced by government threats and financial inducements to give evidence.

In the film, the witness, known as 'Nannu' said he and his family had been threatened and that he had been offered a large interest free loan to be a witness against Motiur Rahman Nizami, another top Jamaat leader, accused of committing atrocities. "I've seen this video and it's deeply disturbing. It brings the whole process into question. If this witness has been pursued and coerced by the government, there has to be an international, independent inquiry into this whole process," said Mr Cadman.”

Realizing the enormity of what had transpired, the government authorities hastily arranged for a press conference making fazed Nannu almost seem like he was lying through his teeth. His conviction was unnatural as he adamantly tried to assert that he was not the same Nannu as in the leaked video.  But is this the truth? Natunbarta reports Nannu as saying,

“From newspaper sources, I have come to know that some people have a video of an interview I was supposed to have given. After that, I saw the video on youtube. The man shown in the video does not have a moustache. I have long curly hair from my childhood. But the man in the video does not have long curly hair. Also, the voice of the man in the video is not mine. This voice in the video is a distorted voice of mine. Moreover, the statement given is also not mine”

It is true that Nannu attended the news conference donning a moustache. This is how he looked at the presser. 

And this is the picture of the Nannu in the secretly recorded video.

Yes, it is true that the Nannu in the secretly filmed video does not have a moustache. But a picture from his voter ID also does not don a moustache. See this picture below,

Also the fact remains that when the trial of Mawlana Nizami began, the same Nannu was on the field with the prosecution team in his role as an important prosecution witness. He was without a moustache then too. See his picture below. 

So did he have a moustache then? Does the picture above a moustache? You do not believe the above picture to be of the real Nannu when he was interviewed? Hmmm, we have just the right thing for you.

See the full video from which the above picture was taken as a screenshot (post with resumable download link).

So is it not proved now that Nannu did not have a moustache then?

Let us point out a couple of inconsistencies which prove that Nannu was a trained witness used with the intent to bring forward false cases and accusations against Jamaat leader Mawlana Nizami,

a. In the above video, Nannu tells the prosecutor that Nizami was an activist of the Chatro Songstha. Such a group never existed. It should have been Chatro Songho.

b. Whenever journalists come forward to ask questions, police create a ruckus and start shoving and pushing everybody forward, informing that no more questions may be asked. Such moves are great if your witness is a false trained one. You obviously wouldn’t want him blurting out any inconsistent and made up data.
There is no need to expound much on the matter. Suffice to say that one does not need much more to prove that Nannu is a false witness.

Let me just add that if you check the secretly filmed video and the video of Nannu with the prosecution team, you shall be treated to the fact that Nannu is wearing the same tie on both occasions. Coincidence can only go so far. Don’t you think????

Let us peruse another video where it becomes clear that the Nannu in secret video and the one in the press conference is the one and the same person.

Now carefully listen to the voice of the video from the conference and the secret video, at the beginning and latter parts respectively. Sound similar? Yes, we thought so too. They are the one and the same person. Full stop.

So what will the tribunal say now? To rephrase that more authoritatively, what will the government say now? Sure, the trial of war criminals had to go on. But was the situation so bad that they had to manufacture testimony and tailor witnesses on a case to case basis, even coerce them to falsely testify? We all know of the atrocities committed upon humanity in the war of 1971. The video evidence of killing and rape cannot be ignored. Although many known collaborators are still alive, of whom more than 37000 were listed after 1971 under the Collaborators Act, the government has seen it fit to generalize the entire Jamaat leadership (none of whom were in that list) as ‘THE’ collaborators. All was well and fine, until they came to the evidence part. They had none.

This scandal is nothing out of the blue. It is in line with a steady flow of misappropriations the nation has been witnessing from the tribunal since its inception. Apart from repeatedly biased rulings against the defendants, the tribunal has been subject to controversy due to its silence on the abduction drama of prosecution turned defence witness, Shukhoranjan Bali and the implication of its top officials in the Economist exposed Skypegate scandal. In effect, the tribunal has lost its acceptability. It is not an instrument for reconciliation any more. It has turned into a government controlled vendetta churning machine.

See the full explicit video of Nannu spilling the beans on the farcical nature of the war crimes trials (post with resumable download link) .

This is not just the case with Nannu, as other witnesses have come forward as well, informing the media that they had been forced to give false testimony against veteran politician Mawlana Nizami who is standing trial.

This is the original Skype scandal. Don’t forget to see this beauty!

And why should you forget to peruse the curious case of the Shukhoranjan Bali abduction and his REAL testimony!

See this link for a very good Bangla version of this article. 

And the Almighty knows best.

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