Monday, August 5, 2013

Chatra League leader freed on bail in a month after arrest for murder

The prime suspect in the case of twin murders in a clash over a railway tender bid in Chittagong, Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) leader Saiful Alam Limon was released on bail on the 4th of August 2013. Media reported that the BCL Central Committee Assistant Secretary walked out of Chittagong Central Jail on Sunday afternoon. The bail order from the High Court for him and three others reached the authorities earlier in the day, Deputy Jailor Nur Mohammad Sohel.

The three others are Chhatra League Chittagong University unit’s Organising Secretary Alamgir Tipu, Cultural Affairs Secretary Jamir Uddin and member Sharif Ahmed.

So what was the occasion?

On Monday the 24th of June, news agency UNB reported that two people, including an 8 year old boy, were killed and another person was injured during a gunfight between armed cadres of the Jubo League and Bangladesh Chhatra League over dropping a tender for three development projects of Bangladesh Railway East Zone headquarters , CRB Bhaban, under Kotwali Police station. 

Police said that around 20 rounds of gunshots were fired at the time.

After the horrible incident, police conducted drives in different parts of Chittagong and detained around 40 people, including Chhatra League Central Assistant Secretary Saiful Alam Limon.

On that day, the Chatra League had given a statement that it was permanently expelling its Central Assistant Secretary Limon for his involvement with anti-organisational activities, citing that there was no active committee of Chhatra League in the port city. "None have been ordered to work for the organisation at any level there," the statement said.

Read more about that fateful day and a glimpse of the Chatra League here.

Yet today, barely a month after his arrest, Limon walked free on bail. Was he not deemed dangerous? Was there any reason for the court to believe that his deed of being responsible for the killing of an 8 year child was crime worthy of setting him free on bail? My dear friends take a good long look. This is Arman Hossain, the boy who was shot to death,

And this is Saiful Alam Limon (highlighted in red) , apparently still part and parcel of that terrorist outfit called the Chatra League, who was released today on bail,

Pathetic is the judicial system which sets hardened criminals free. Pathetic is the judicial system which is dictated to by politicians and prisoner to the whimsical theatrics of an equally corrupt police force. Pathetic are the times we live in.

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