Monday, July 29, 2013

Shibir in Bangladesh Protest against Military Coup in Egypt

Bangladesh Islami Chatra Shibir in a statement has called for an immediate end to the massacre in Egypt and the reinstatement of Egypt’s democratically elected President Mohammad Morsi. Leaders of the student front called for the above at a procession held in the capital Dhaka.

The large procession, led by Central Publicity Secretary Mizanur Rahman, began at 4 pm local time starting from the Mohakhali and ended at Shaheen College end with a post rally demonstration. Also present was Shibir Central School Affairs Secretary Jakir Hossain Selim among other leaders. The Shibir leaders said that what was happening in Egypt was a state sponsored planned massacre by the military which had aggrieved Muslims worldwide this Ramadan. The martyrdom of hundreds of men, women and children had affected every human being with a conscience. Shibir leaders further said, “We on behalf of the people of Bangladesh strongly condemn this ongoing massacre. We urge the military rulers to immediately stop this massacre and reinstate and hand over power to the democratically elected President Mohammad Morsi.

The leaders said that the Islamic movement in Egypt had come so far after facing multifaceted oppression. The removal of the democratically elected and widely popular President was a part of this multifaceted oppression against the Islamic movement. Democracy and peace loving people of the world believe that Mohammad Morsi is the only legal President of Egypt. Any believer in these ideals could not welcome a government formed via a military coup.

The leaders further said that they were surprised at the two faced policy of the Western governments regarding the situation in Egypt. By such policies, they had marred their own democratic image. People wanted to know what kind of democracy they stood along with. If their commitment to democracy was true, then they ought to stand along with the pro democracy protesters in Egypt. Silently supporting a coup is never a part of democratic practices. We call towards every country in the United Nations to pressure the illegal government of Egypt to step down.

The Shibir leaders reiterated their sincere support for the pro-democracy peaceful protesters in Egypt. We extend our condolences to every mother who has lost her child and every sister who has lost her brother. The blood of martyrs will not go in vain and Egypt will turn into a bastion of the Islamic movement Insha Allah.

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