Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In Bangladesh they say it all, one sided

The past few days were harrowing enough from the perspective of the common man with a little bit of Islam in his heart. One would be surprised at the amount of emotion that little corner harboring Islam brings out in you. Forget statistics of tens, hundreds or thousands, the fact that security forces under the command of a government clearly run by secularists, liberals and leftists fired upon a peaceful sit in procession by Islam loving people is enough to make the blood boil. That is applicable to a person with a shred of humanity as well. They bring forth allegations of Quran burning and looting and what not. But they fail to mention the pulsating presence of the Awami League on the streets and the indiscriminate shooting of the police. They say it all, one sided.

I am going to say it one sided as well. But this is not going to be a tirade of a self serving idiot. This is hardcore news, truth pulsating through all pores and cracks. Here you go:
1.      Hefazot-e-Islam Activist Nazrul Islam aged 35 passed away on the morning of May 14th at Dhaka Medical Hospital after he was being treated for gun shot wounds from May 5th-6th massacre. He was in ICU since the night of the massacre.
2.      Al Jazeera has obtained video footage suggesting that the Bangladesh government has been providing inaccurate death tolls from recent violence. According to official figures, 11 people had died during fighting between police and protesters from Hifazat-e-Islam, an Islamic group, on May 6, a day protesters refer to as the "Siege of Dhaka
3.      Shibir Central President was given another 10 days of remand after he was brought before court. He just completed 36 days in remand and his health has significantly deteriorated.
4.      The International Crimes Tribunal-1 (ICT-1) on Tuesday rejected the bail petition of Jamaat-e-Islami leader AKM Yousuf. The 84-year-old is being tried for alleged crimes against humanity during the Liberation War. Pleading for Yousuf’s bail, senior defence counsel barrister Abdur Razzaq had argued that the Jamaat veteran was an aged person, suffering from several ailments and undergone several surgeries.
5.  Detective Branch of police on Tuesday noon re-arrested Shamim Bin Sayedee, son of Jamaat leader Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee, immediately after he walked out of the gate of Kashimpur Central jail in Gazipur district after being released on bail.Jail sources said Shamim walked out of the jail in the afternoon after obtaining bail in two cases. However, the DB personnel arrested him again as soon as he came out of the jail gate without citing any reason.
6.      The families of the workers still feared missing at Savar and their fellows on Tuesday staged demonstrations at the site of the collapsed Rana Plaza in Savar, demanding the bodies as weary rescuers left the site after 20 days of relentless operation. The peaceful protesters chanting ‘return the missing bodies’ also demanded highest punishment of the people responsible for the deadly building collapse.
7.      Two jamaat leaders have been arrested in the past few days, Hakikul Islam at Joypurhaat and district jamaat ameer Abdur Rahim Patwary at Chandpur, along with a Hefazat leader. That does not include Shamim Sayedee and AKM Yousuf.
8.      The government has not given the 18 party opposition permission to hold a rally which was scheduled for today the 15th of May 2013. No reason has been given by the govt. except the lack of security. Democratically oppressive all the way.
9.      Diganta and Islamic TV are still shut down since 4 am 6th May 2013. There has been no explanation by the government whatsoever as to the reasons for this despicable action.

One sided oppression many would say. Need I elaborate anymore?

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