Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Day in Pictures: A Photo blog of #5May #SiegeDhaka at Aminbazaar and Mothijheel

RAB and police forces provide a security cordon to the Dhaka siege program at Aminbazaar. Location is Gabtoli near Mirpur 1.
Dhaka siege congregation at Gabtoli.

Hefazat activists allowing ambulances to bypass Dhaka siege restrictions at Gabtoli

Medical teams of the Hefazat

A group effort speaking a powerful message, at Gabtoli
Hefazat activists at Dhaka Siege at Aminbazaar
Vehicles of the press at siege program in Gabtoli

Hefazat activists on top of Amin Bazaar bridge in Dhaka siege program

A picture from AminBazaar

Close view of Shapla Chottor Motijheel rally

Centre of action in front of Baitul Mokarram. See any guns or sharp weapons? I don't (There goes myth of weapon wielding protesters)
Another view of activists agitated near Baitul Mukarram due to indiscriminate police action.

Angry protesters demonstrating against police at Paltan. A view from Baitul Mokarram

Angry protesters demonstrating at Paltan. Protesters running to avoid police bullets and acrid tear gas. A view from Baitul Mokarram

Hefazat activists tried to come out through Baitul Mokarram (National Mosque) South Gate. They were attacked by Awami League activists. Clashes ensued where the police teargassed the mosque courtyard instead of subduing the Awami League activists.

This is blood on the floor of the the national mosque of Bangladesh, Baitul Mokarram. Its the blood of innocents shot like birds by police and ruling party activists.

Another shot of the above picture. Just after this, police shot teargas into the mosque and everything went BOOM!

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