Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sleazy example of yellow journalism by bdnews24

I really feel uncomfortable saying this but I had to say it.

Look at the screenshot below taken from the news portal bdnews24.com.

In its latest photos section, bdnews24 shows a picture of the stick procession of the Gonojagoron Moncho, where it says that "Thousands join the stick procession in Dhaka on Tuesday protesting the recent Hifazat-e Islam activists’ attempted attack on them at Shahbagh and physical assault of a female journalist at Motijheel."

Well and fine, but what I have qualms about is the word "Thousands". The picture looks as if it may have a lot of people behind it but lets look at another photo from the bdnews24 website itself. If one looks close at the end of the pic, they will see that the cropping of the pic is such that the end of the crowd is barely but clearly visible, i.e. this is the full procession in a single shot!

The length of the crowd would be about 25-27 lines(if you also include the female section from the previous picture). The breadth of the crowd would be about 25 people on an average estimate since its about thirty at the front but drops to lower than 20 at the end part of the procession. So, in simple mathematics, if we multiply the length with the breadth, we can get a fair idea on the size of the crowd.

That would be : LENGTH X BREADTH = 27 X 25 = 675 people (approximate value)

So much for 'thousands' as per the narrative of bdnews24. Counting around 600-700 people as thousands is not a printing mistake. Nor is it a typographical error. Time and again, bdnews24, through its news articles and photos, has proved that it is partial and biased. This is just another example of its ugly face. This ugly face, my friends, is called YELLOW JOURNALISM.

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