Wednesday, April 3, 2013

13 point demand of Hefazat-e-Islami

Hefazat-e-Islam has come to the forefront of discussion in the public sphere as the eve of its long March to Dhaka on the 6th of April draws near. But what are the demands of this movement?
On the 9th of March, Hefazat-e-Islam leader Shaykh-ul-Islam Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi put forward a 13 point demand at the Olama-Mashayekh (Islamic Scholars) Convention organized at Darul Uloom Hathazari Madrassah Convention Hall:

1)  Reinstatement of ‘Absolute trust and faith in Allah’ in the constitution of Bangladesh and abolishment of all laws which are in conflict with the values of the Quran and Sunnah
2)  Enactment of (anti-defamation) law at the parliament keeping death penalty as the highest form of punishment to prevent defamation of Allah, Muhammad (S.A.W) and Islam, and prevent spreading hate against Muslims (highest penalty prevalent for defamation is 10 years).
3) Immediate end to the negative propaganda by all atheist bloggers in a leading role in the so called Shahbag movement who have defamed Allah, Mohammad (S.A.W), and Islam and their exemplary punishment.
4) End to all alien cultural practices like immodesty, lewdness, misconduct, culture of free mixing of the sexes, candle lighting in the name of personal freedom and free speech.
5) Abolishment of the anti-Islamic inheritance law and the ungodly education policy. Making Islamic education compulsory in all levels from primary to higher secondary.
6) Declaration of Ahmadis as non-Muslims by the government and put a stop to their negative and conspirational activities.
7) Stop instating more statues in the name of sculpture at road intersections and educational institutions to save Dhaka the city of mosques, from becoming the city of statues.
8) Remove all the hassles and obstructions at Baitul Mokarram and all mosques in Bangladesh which prevent Musallis from offering prayer. Also stop creating obstruction for people to attend religious sermons and other religious gatherings.
9) Stop the spread of Islamophobia among the youth through depiction of negative characters on TV plays & movies in religious attire and painting negative stereotypes of the beard, cap and Islamic practices on various media.
10)Stop anti-Islamic activities at Chittagong propagated by several NGO’s and Christian missionaries under guise of religious conversion.
11) End to the massacre, indiscriminate firing and attacks on the prophet loving Muslim scholars, madrassah students and the general public.
12)End to all threats against Islamic scholars, madrassah students and Imams and Muslim clerics of mosques throughout the country.
13)Immediate and unconditional release of all detained Islamic scholars, madrassah students and members of the general public and withdrawal of all false cases filed against them. Compensation to families of all injured and deceased and exemplary punishment to all those responsible.

Source: Naya Diganta 


  1. This is the putrid poison the World needs to unite to defeat. A new Fascism cloaked in "faith".

  2. Do not support any "Political Party", including "Jamat"; just bring back the "Sharia Law", in other words, "ISLAMIC REVOLUTION" like Iran after Raza shah. As majority of the people in Bangladesh are Muslims, so it is not impossible to bring "Sharia Law" democratically, for which we need proper scholars who will explain Islam to ordinary confused Muslims, and it is also important to use media, particularly TV, to remove all the misconceptions about Islam, which has been propagated by the western media. However, technology is very important for third world countries like Bangladesh to mitigate the poverty, and as it is mentioned in Hadith that "The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim", including women, so it is equally important to allow women to achieve higher education, but that doesn't mean we will allow our women and men to expose their body like the western countries. Above all, we want "ISLAMIC REVOLUTION" for "Khilafah".

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