Saturday, March 2, 2013

Some pictures of unrest in Bangladesh on 02.03.13

Here are some collected pictures from around the web which give a brief insight into another day of unrest in Bangladesh following the verdict of Allama Sayedee. It is mentionable that at least four protesters have already died in clashes today

A protest procession at Faridpur against the Sayedee verdict

Protest at Jhenaidah against Sayedee verdict at about 3 pm
Protest by women activists at Jhenaidah at about 10 am to protest Sayedee verdict
A BNP procession in Dhaka to protest the genocide of 28th February

A car burns as police violently disperse a BNP procession at Dhaka. Reports say that Jubo Dol President Muazzem Alal was bullet ridden in the clashes

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