Saturday, March 16, 2013

Latif Siddiqui drops a bomb, saying AL largely behind Hefazat-e-Islam

Jute and textiles Minister and Presidium committee member of Awami League, Abdul Latif Siddiqui, has said that many from the Awami League have provided support to the anti-Shahbag organization Hefazat-e-Islam.

The minister said, “Hefazat-e-Islam has carried out these (attacks) with the help of these (Awami league activists). I know them. That is because I have risen to the fore from the streets, and not the other way round.”

He was speaking at a discussion assembly organized by Nowka Shomorthok Gosthi in memory of the late Abdul Jalil at the Dhaka Reporters Unity on Saturday afternoon.

Siddiqui further said, “I bow my head time and again to the young generation. I have gone to their congregation every night. They have managed to hold together a large and peaceful movement in spite of so much incitement and opposition.”

Siddiqui continued, “Conspirators have endeavored to destroy the independence of the country, but the young generation wanted to keep its independence intact. Can we not support them a little bit? After all, gonojagoron stages are also our stages.”

Speaking of his memories of the late Abdul Jalil,”There are those who are shedding tears on Abdul Jalil’s death. They themselves one day conspired against him, saying that we will only support Abdul Jalil’s bid for the post of General Secretary if Latif Siddiqui is not allowed a place in the central committee of Awami League.”

Other prominent members of the Awami League also spoke at the event, notably Presidium committee member Satish Chandra Rai and Dhaka City Awami League Joint General Secretary Haji Mohammad Selim Promukh.

Source: RTNN

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