Thursday, February 21, 2013

Daily Star plays the tune of autocracy

"Target Friday" is what they label it. The Daily star has come up with the  new terminology to describe what they see as a smear campaign against the benevolent nationalist secular atheists at Shahbag. Dubbing it all as anarchy, the Daily Star has said that Jamaat-e-Islami had been driven up the wall by mass protest over its war crimes, and had set its eyes on Friday to turn the tide by tweaking religious sentiment of Muslims at Jumma prayers against Shahbagh youths. 

Refuting all logic as to the possible causes of such a move, the Daily Star attacks by saying that, " The stage it hopes to set already for anarchy across the country tomorrow by launching smear campaign in a few like-minded newspapers, branding organisers of the youth movement as atheist, anti-Islamic and anti-social elements for the last few days."

Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), chief opposition party and ally of Jamaat, is vigorously accused of giving its support, termed as "the largest shot in the arm", by denouncing Shahbag youths for their “anti-Islamic” activities only a few days after hailing them for their patriotism.  

The Daily Star then assures its readers that they need not be afraid at all, because Superman would be there to save the day. Oops, that was supposed to be the government, not Superman. It says, "The government is learnt to be on top of these developments, and takes up steps to crush any plot to destabilise the country and thwart war crimes trial. The information minister yesterday threatened to sue 'some newspapers' for running motivated stories."

In a related report, the Daily Star happily allots Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu his very own report, where he vociferously voices his opinions and projects the image of the Know-It-All. He threatened with legal action any media found to run any motivated story that could exploit people's religious sentiments. He warned that the government will take measures to control and block any community blog or social media, if found hurting the sentiments of the people. He then continued on with his favorite topic, Jamaat-bashing.

Meanwhile the Daily Star has tried to assure all people that all ministers, parliamentarians and leaders of the ruling coalition remain alert following the publication of an objectionable advertisement with anti-Islamic contents to provoke controversy over the Shahbagh movement. To make matters clearer, a statement was included, "Agriculture Minister Matia Chowdhury said, “They killed Rajib and then hacked into his blog to post anti-Islamic contents to hurt religious sentiments. Those who are doing all these are akin to beasts. We cannot allow them to be involved in politics.”  "

Further agitating readers, Daily Star states that," Jamaat has employed a tactic of not using its name in the smear campaign against the Shahbagh activists. Instead, the party with its sympathisers in the last few days formed several new platforms such as Islami Dal comprised of six Islamic parties led by Islami Oikya Jote, a component of the 18-party alliance to carry out the campaign. "

Ending on a high note and using the trump card of anonymity,  it sends a lifeline to desperate readers clinging on to its every word," Requesting anonymity, a Khelafat Andolan leader told The Daily Star that Jamaat is wholeheartedly helping them shape up the smear campaign with funds and manpower."

 Congratulations Daily Star, you just managed to label perfectly legal activities of Jamaat-e-Islami as anti-atheist.

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