Friday, February 1, 2013

Analysis: Martyrs of Bogra buried

Three activists of Jamaat and Shibir were martyred in Bogra on Thursday, 31st January when police, ruling party Awami League and its student organization Chatroleague cadres jointly coordinated planned attacks that included indiscriminate firing and use of sharp weapons. This violence was justified in name of obstruction of hartal related processions and picketing by Jamaat and Shibir in order to "maintain peace and order". 

Sadly, instead of punishing any of the perpetrators, police was observed to mete out justice by delivering injustice.

Two cases were filed by the Bogra police after midnight, on the 1st of February in connection to hartal related violence between Jamaat-Shibir activists and police at Azizul Haque Hoque University College and Satmatha Intersection. Bogra's Assistant Police Superintendent Mokbul Hossain told that Sub-Inspector Manjurul Haque filed one lawsuit on Friday morning against 30 named and over 1,500 anonymous people over the attacks in the ‘Satmatha’ area.SI Anwar Hossain filed the other case in the morning against 30 named and over 1,500 anonymous people over attacks at the ‘Government Azizul Haque College’ premises.

Daily Star has said that a number of 2,400 Jamaat and Shibir men have been sued in two separate cases for Thursday’s violence in Bogra during their countrywide hartal, both under Explosive Substances Act and Special Power Act.

The Daily Naya Diganta reports that around 26 of the approximately 2500 activists were named. The list includes activists who were critically injured by police firing yesterday. Elder brother Rafiqul and brother-in-law Harun-ur-Rashid of martyred Shibir acitivist Abu Ruhani, who was killed in an attack by a Chatro league attack lead by its district president Al Razi Juwel, were forcefully taken to the police station. Even though Rafiqul was subsequently released, Harun-ur-Rashid was forced to sign on the case papers which showed him as the one who had filed the case against Jamaat shibir activists, reports Naya Diganta.

Further inflaming the situation, police did not give permission to hold the predeclared namaaz-e-janaza for the martyrs. So, the first namaaz-e-janaza in absentia was performed at the city central High School ground after Jumu'ah prayers led by Bogura district Jamaat Naib-e-Amir and Kahalu Upazila ChairmanMaulana Taib Ali. Quoting witnesses, Naya Diganta reports an attendance of more than 30,000 people at this namaaz-e-janaza in absentia. Later, thousands of people attended the second namaaz-e-janaza of Abu Ruhani at the local school ground of his village home at Mondolpara of Arulia at Shohortoli in Bogra. Jamaat worker Mizanur Rahman was buried at his locality of Uttar Manik Nagar in Titas Upazila of Comilla and another Shibir leader Abdullah Al Mamun was buried at his own village of Adarshapara, in Kalai upazila of Joypurhat. Justice was called for the martyrs by speakers and attendees alike.

A large police presence was observed at all events.

Hartal has been called on Saturday in Bogra in protest of this massacre. It is indispensable that the government act quickly so that perpetrators of this heinous tragedy be brought to justice. 

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